Saturday, March 27, 2010


Hello all you freaks, there is plenty of news to get through and 1st up is the important info regarding the next club event. The date has been moved forward a week to ‘’ SUNDAY 4TH APRIL ‘’’.Yes it’s because of the Junior Regional’s that will go ahead the week after.
The Junior Regional Title is a great opportunity for all you grommets to show what u have, The event will see our groms go against their own age groups from other clubs. Those who qualify will be selected for the state team. The divisions are under 14’s, Under 16’s Under 18’s Boys and Girls.

April 10th and 11th at Mona Vale beach and all entries are taken on the day at 7.30am. For info ring dimmy 0415 642 782.

With only four events left for this year, its time to get in to where we are regarding points .It IMPORTANT to note that a surfers placing will be able to drop his worst three results during the year.

To spice it up I can calculated the points and where you stand in the race for the club title but IIm giving point’s just current standing.

As its stands we have had 6 events,’

12’S Boys Open M

1st Toby J 1ST Beau M

2nd , Billy R 2nd Luke A

3rd , Jamie K 3rd Max B

4th Dan C 4th Dustin A

14’s Boys B Grade

1st Louie D 1st Ronny W

2nd Peter L 2ND Bullman

3RD Sam 3rd Dazza

4th Mal S 4th Dave A

18’S 16’’S Girls

1ST Jesse F 1st Jodie R

2ND Blake L 2ND Sophia B

3RD Nathan M 3RD Tori L

4TH Mac/Jack M 4TH Rachel F

Open Women’s

3 way tie with (Bonnie, Sam, Jesse )

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