Monday, November 23, 2009


North Steyne monthly contest provided plenty of exciting moments and it must be said the total lack of quality waves didn’t stop any of the fun on what was another brilliant day out.

Beau Mitchell took on the contest directors roll for the first time and what a great job he did with everyone raving his ability to handle the pressure of having a thousand questions thrown at u for 6 hours straight, bet u Beau sleep well that night.

The day also saw the return to the club ranks of WCT surfer Dayyan Neve and I don’t know what it is but he presence seems to get the competitive juices flowing within the open ranks.

The final showcased the quality in our ranks but in the end it was Doofa who posted two solid scores to take the win and the $100 cash prize.

The quote of the year was , ‘’ Yes I finally got rid of all those 33rds ha ha’’

I know it hasn’t been his year but he is still world class and you only have to watch him as you realise he makes surfing look easy and that’s a true sign of class.

In the opens final doffa beat the King of the beach himself Beau Mitchell, who came home with a wet sail, Dustin was 3rd with Max 4th, Ollie 5th and James can’t pay his fees 6th.

There was plenty of great surfing from grommets with Blake Levett claiming a win in his 1st event back at the club. The 18’s will be a real tussle and that was the case on the day with Jesse Francis 2nd , Bodhi Atkinson 3rd , Mac Clayton 4th , Tyson Bruun 5th and Eddie Sherwood 6th.

Other winners on the day included Jacob (14’s), Daniel Craig(12’s), Sophia Bernard(16’s Girls), Jan Bruun(B grade), Bonnie Hall (Women’s) .

Any way , please if we can get some support to the beach for both the Women’s surf tag and the O’Neil Grom tag it would be great the Women’s is on this Sunday 29th at Curly with the Grom’s on at Avalon on Dec 13th

See Ya some hey


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